How Does Argireline Mimic the Effect of Botox?

Published: 15th July 2010
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If you have heard of Argireline, then you likely know that it is a skin care ingredient that is sold as an alternative to Botox injections. A bit of research shows that Argireline works in much the same manner as Botox, stopping the movement of certain facial muscles that are known to create deep lines and wrinkles. What you may not know is how this works.

While Botox works by using a toxin to paralyze muscles, risking numerous side effects, Argireline works a bit differently. When applied to the facial skin, Argireline penetrates deep into the muscles that lie under the area, relaxing them into a state of paralysis. This will render them unable to move enough to cause deep wrinkles without the risk of unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects.

Muscle contractions are caused by a chemical reaction known as the SNAP receptor complex. The way Argireline works is by interfering with this reaction and blocking the nerve receptors. The process is very safe, and Argireline has no known side effects. The drug is also much more temporary in nature than Botox, and cessation of use can quickly restore the use of facial muscles. Botox can take months to wear off, which can be frustrating for people displeased with the results or who are experiencing side effects.

If you are looking for an effective product containing Argireline, it can offer great benefit to take the time to find the most effective product. Seeking a product with Snap-8 muscle relaxers, Matrixyl peptides, and hyaluronic acid can help ensure that you get the most benefit possible from your product. Stay away from products with alcohol and chemical bases as well, as these can cause drying and damage to the skin.

In all, Argireline is highly effecting at treating and reducing wrinkles. The ingredient is considerably safer than Botox, yet offers the same benefits. Argireline is safe, cost effective, and easy to use, and best of all it mimics the wrinkle reducing properties of Botox without the risk of long term side effects. It has certainly lived up to its reputation as nature's skin care miracle.

Jenny Angrove works for Jabalabs, an anti aging company that makes

argireline .

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