Is Matrixyl 3000 a Replacement for Collagen?

Published: 26th October 2009
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While many studies have come out showing the amazing benefits of Matrixyl 3000 when it comes to reducing wrinkles and signs of aging, there is much to still be discovered for most skin care consumers. Many questions are still being asked when it comes to Matrixyl, and one of the most popular is whether it is truly an effective replacement for collagen produced by the body.

Matrixyl 3000 is a peptide that is also known as micro-collagen. The truth is that it does in fact work like collagen to help treat wrinkles. Because of this, many people are touting it as a replacement for collagen within the body. What consumers need to understand, however, is that it is much more than this.

Matrixyl is more than a collagen replacement because it also helps the body to create new collagen. This ingredient works by isolating the cells responsible for collagen creation and kicking them back into gear. These cells are known to slow down as we age, despite ample evidence that they are still fully capable of producing high amounts of collagen. Matrixyl separates these cells from the aged tissue so that they can effectively do their job in producing the collagen needed to stop wrinkles.

When Matrixyl is used as part of an effective product and is used as recommended, it can have strong anti aging properties. This single ingredient offers the fast acting effect of supplementing the body's lacking collagen while helping to create new production. This results in both a long and short term anti-aging effect that can be quite dramatic.

We all seek the perfect solution to help us fight the signs of aging, and Matrixyl is certainly an ingredient that can help us achieve this. There are many new and proven ingredients on the market today, such as hyaluronic acid and Argireline that make excellent supplements to a Matrixyl 3000 product. When you decide it is time to take the next step towards fighting wrinkles, lines, and skin damage, finding a product with Matrixyl is an excellent place to start. With the right ingredients and the right regimen, you can work to not just replace your collagen, but to rebuild it as well.

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