What to Expect When Using Argireline

Published: 15th July 2010
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Reducing lines and wrinkles is the primary goal of almost all anti aging products. While Botox was for a while considered to be the most effective treatment for wrinkles, scientists worked quickly to find a safer and less costly way to achieve the same results. The outcome of that study was a host of ingredients, including Argireline, which is now known to mimic the effect of Botox without the risk of dangerous and unpleasant side effects.

Argireline works in a manner similar to that of Botox. Both ingredients are designed to block a particular nerve impulse and to paralyze certain muscles that are responsible for creating deep lines in the skin. While Botox achieves this by injecting toxins directly into the muscle, Argireline is made of a natural peptide that safely relaxes the muscles into a state of temporary paralysis.

Like with Botox, Argireline users should not expect instant results. When a product containing a proper amount of Argireline and a viable base and ingredient solution is used, patients will discover that wrinkle reduction increases over time with regular use. By the thirty day mark, patients can expect to see a reduction in facial wrinkles of about one third. After a few months of use, this benefit will double.

Argireline users can expect to experience far different effects than with Botox, however. With Botox, only certain muscles can be injected, due to the risk of paralysis of muscles required for breathing and other vital functions. Argireline is natural and safe, and can therefore be used anywhere that lines and wrinkles are present. Argireline is also free of such effects as drooling and blinking problems associated with Botox.

When you use Argireline, the only thing to truly expect is results. A proper skin care product will also contain ingredients to help moisturize and improve the skin starting with the very first use. Don't settle for toxic injections or products that don't work. Ingredients such as Argireline offer those seeking a true wrinkle solution the results that they have been searching for. With many benefits and no risks, there is simply no reason not to consider this remarkable ingredient.

Jenny Angrove works for Jabalabs, an anti aging company that makes

argireline .

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